Patriotic Fun for Kids

It’s hard to believe, but July is here! Where is the time going?…I swear it was just Christmas and already we are over half way through the year!

July 4th is on Tuesday. Time for BBQs and fun with friends and family. But what do you do to keep the littles busy and having a good time?

This year we are going to a pool party at a neighbor’s house. The kids are super excited. Since they are becoming pretty good little swimmers, they’re all over any chance they have to jump in a pool. Our neighbors are awesome and considerate of the fact we have little kids, so we’ve planned the party around BBQing for lunch so that when the kids start getting cranky we can head home for naps. How thoughtful is that? (Of course, who wants to hang out with someone else’s cranky kids?…I don’t want to hang out with my own kids when they’re cranky! LOL)

I always like to bring something when we are invited to a party. This year the temps are in the high 90’s with humidity through the roof, so anything that helps keep us cool is a must. So we are bringing Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches. It’s a super simple dessert that the kids can help with and enjoy.

Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches

What you need:

*Red, white, and blue sprinkles

*Your favorite ice cream sandwiches

*Baking sheet

What to do:

  1. Unwrap your ice cream sandwiches and set them on a plate for 5-10 minutes so they become slightly softened. (too soft and you’ll have a mess, too hard and the sprinkles won’t stick)
  2. Spread your sprinkles out on a cutting board or plate.
  3. Roll the sides of the ice cream sandwiches in the sprinkles until the sides are well coated and place them on a baking sheet. Be careful to put them in a single layer. (This is a fun step for your kiddos to help with.)
  4. Wrap the tray with plastic wrap and place back in the freezer until ready to eat.
  5. Enjoy!

Read about America

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Before nap, we always read a book or two. I’ve pulled from my stash of “America books” and here are a few of our favorites that you might want to check out for your little ones:


After nap time I have a few other fun activities planned.

To keep with the “Keeping us Cool” theme, we’ll be playing with Star Shaped Ice Cubes.

Star Shaped Ice Cubes

What you need:

*silicon star ice cube trays 

*red and blue food coloring or liquid water color

*a measuring cup with spout

*a tray for the kids to play on

*a vinyl table cloth

*paint brushes, plastic bowls, tongs, spoons for your kids to use during play

What to do:

  1. In the measuring cup mix water and a drop or two of the red food coloring or liquid
  2.  water colors (it doesn’t take much). Your kiddos can help with mixing. Pour the red water into the silicon ice cube trays and put in freezer.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the blue food coloring or liquid water color.
  4. When you’re ready to play, put the ice cubes on the tray and give your kiddo the paint brushes, plastic bowls, tongs, and spoons. Let them explore how the ice cubes and colors change as they melt.
  5. This is a great time to use rich language to talk about freezing, melting, color words, mixing, make predictions about how the colors will change, or predict what will happen to the ice cubes and why they melt.

No matter how many ice cubes I make my kids literally beg for more, so I would suggest making a ton of them and dishing them out a few at a time. My kids love to pretend they are concocting all sorts of delicious soups and meals, or paint pictures with the colors on the tray or driveway, and mix the colors as fast as they can.

Gettin’ Crafty

While I was at Publix (my favorite grocery store), I found these fun activities that we can do while keeping cool inside. We’ll be making red, white, and blue glow in the dark necklaces. I’ll help my youngest one string them. This is a fantastic fine motor activity that works on hand-eye coordination. My oldest loves to do things in patterns, so I won’t be surprised if we also end up talking about patterning. I’m sure we’ll also sneak some counting in there tool.

Of course, after dark we’ll get to wear our necklaces when we check out the local fireworks displays and try out a few sparklers on the driveway.

And after fireworks and sparklers, our day will wrap up with another America book or two and a few hugs and kisses.

Happy 4th of July everyone! 




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