Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Father’s Day is Sunday. (It’s the middle of June people! Can you believe it?!?)

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for gifts that work coming from a 2- and 4-year old. Since my hubby isn’t into fishing, hunting, golfing, or working with tools, the traditional gifts and Pinterest Ideas aren’t really going to work. I wish companies would branch out and realize not every dad is into these stereotypical things. Anyway…

We also have tons of pictures and knickknacks around the house, so we don’t need any more of those. So what to do?

The Answer

Since my kids LOVE hide-and-seek and it’s a game they play with their dad often, I’ve decided a scavenger hunt around the house is the perfect thing. The kids will help dad figure out the clues and find a delicious breakfast treat at the end.

The Clues

I wrote five clues that would take Daddy and the kids around the house. The last clue brings them into the kitchen to enjoy some yummy donuts for breakfast (a huge treat in our family).

Here are the clues I came up with:

Clue #1:

Let’s start this Father’s Day off with a bang,

find the next clue where all your clothes hang.

(The clue will attached to a hanger hidden in the closet.)

Clue #2:

Congratulations! You found the clue, find the next one where the kids color with BLUE.

(The clue will be taped under the kid’s art table.)

Clue #3:

Yay! Good job, don’t stop to talk,

Find the next clue near the sidewalk chalk.

(We have a big box of sidewalk chalk in the garage, so the clue will be inside the box.)

Clue #4:

Way to go! Now go take a peek,

in the back of the house,

down by the creek.

(This clue will hang from a tree near the creek.)

Clue #5:

The next surprise is finger-lickin’,

go in the house and into the kitchen!


Obviously, this last clue will lead them to the kitchen counter where they’ll find a box of yummy donuts.

The Treat

The tag on the donuts says,

“We ‘DONUT’ know what we’d do without you! Love, ___________”

The kids are going to help decorate the box and the card to go with it.

The kids are super excited about our secret mission on Saturday afternoon. That’s when we’ll pick-up the donuts and sneak them into the house hiding them in the microwave until Sunday morning.

After everyone has eaten, Daddy will get to open the gifts the girls made for him at school.

Overall, I think it’s going to be a fun activity that the girls can do with daddy (while I take pictures). Who knows, it may even become an annual tradition.

What do you have planned for Father’s Day?





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